Subsea HIPPS valves for the ultra-deep water of the GoM

ATV has designed, qualified and delivered the first HIPPS valves for the ultra-deep water of GoM.


  • Extremely compact design
  • Less than two seconds to close
  • HIPPS System integration testing performed in our hyperbaric chamber
Subsea HIPPS valves for the ultra-deep water of the GoM

An exciting project, which brought our technology to the extreme, leading to exceed the previous limits of design, quality and manufacturing experience. 

Several challenges encountered and successfully solved onto project path, with relevant milestones for our continuous growth, e.g. advanced optimization of our design, able to ensure a safety closing time of the 5 1/8” Double Slab gate valve within 2 seconds, at the rated maximum pressure and water depth, as well as the first application of our hyperbaric chamber to perform integration testing as requested by API RP 17O. 

A Subsea System including an Ultra-Deep Water (10.000ft) HIPPS module rated 15.000 psi, another challenging project in which ATV successfully accomplished its duties.


Photo Courtesy of Trendsetter Engineering Inc.

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